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Welcome to Urban Space Builders

Urban Space Builders is a South Indian-based Construction Company which specialises in construction services for both individual villas & homes. We have earned recognition for undertaking large and complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies and making a difference in each project.

We have set ambitious goals related to safety, care for others, diversity, community impact, business integrity, sustainability and innovation. We actively care for people, build sustainably and conduct business transparently and accountability. This also could include sustainability practices, community outreach, diversity and inclusion, safety measures, and innovation.

Urban Space Builders connects these efforts to enhance and strengthen the company and the industry as a whole.

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Why Urban Space Builders are customers choice

We are reliable and trustworthy delivering projects on time. Our plans and designs are more modern and attractive. We rectify custom ideas and vasthu plan. Our construction provides clear plans and layouts.

Given the current scenario, many construction brands have been specifically urged to deliver their projects on time, however, Urban Space Builders has continued to keep up with its on-time deliveries despite changing times.

This makes Urban Space Builders a trusted and successful construction partner.

Urban Space Builders is not only for home building, but we also construct commercial buildings, renovation, architectural/structural design, costing and estimation, construction project management.

Urban Space Builders value the customers’ money and investment, due to this customer, receives the best quality building.

What we focus on (our services)

We have professionalized engineers and Specialized workers who are well equipped have good experience in construction and designing. We provide you with the best pricing. We assure you that No sub contraction will be given.

We provide the best quality management system. We rectify the products and items used for construction before the agreement. Product superiority. Urban Space Builders provide Well, researchable teams to maintain quality.

A reliable team will work on the project and completed On-time.

Regular updates about the project to the customer through photos and site visits.

Our team has extensive knowledge of construction and has more than 10 years of experience in the field of construction. Urban Space Builders has Goodwill and Reputation for the project we handled. We have a vibrant management system. We provide 10 years construction warranty which is the spotlight in our construction which much other construction won’t provide as easily.

Clear and reasonable quotation format that covers all items in the construction before the agreement is assigned and We finalize the amount before getting into the construction works.

Building Progress photos will be updated to clients on the period

We do 100+ quality checks done by our team

We make simple and easy steps to follow and work with us. It’s within 7 stages of the processor. We strictly follow to deliver the project at the right time.

Urban Space Builders special consigns about the children. We ensure the proper and safe construction for children too. From the selection of paint to the construction part. We provide you with the best. we give the best house within the given space

Most importantly whether the property is rural or urban we provide you with modern and elegant designs to give you a beautiful home in rural areas and urban areas.